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nspiration comes from a variety of ways. For example, some photographers take inspiration from their favorite photographers, some take inspiration from the nature of some from the videos.

Here I will give you a real example; I have a friend who loves taking pictures of nature. He always busies taking pictures of nature. If he gets the camera and a good environment he never says I am hungry and other anything else. One day I asked with him how do you get such a great inspiration even you don’t ask me for water from the last 6 hours .you are just taking the picture, and he said this is my inspiration the sound of blowing the air, floating water and the sound of birds and nature.

Here we can easily find he is taking inspiration from his own niche of photography; nature photography. So inspiration can be anything you can find the inspiration anywhere.

So find your inspiration which always helps you to do work easily and more conveniently.

4. Take Your Camera Everywhere

Always try to take your camera everywhere. You will never make your good photo only sitting at your home. You have to explore and try everything whatever you see. Do not miss any opportunity to take a picture.

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