7 rules of life that everyone should know

Exactly there are not any rules of life to make your life better. Life is so much complicated. No one knows what will be going to happen in the coming future.7 rules of life helps your life to improve and make simple.

Before a few years ago, I was depressed with my life. I was blind from my coming future.

One day i was setting with my friend .He ask me suddenly ‘what happen to you?’

At first i dint tell him anything but he forced me to tell what exactly is running in my life.I told him that i am not feeling well . Most of the time i just think about my past and future.I dont like to do anything. i just worried taking my future.

He tried to convience me a lot. He told me about the seven cardinal rules of life. He properly explain me in details of that rules.

Before i thought it will not work .then i dint give attentation to these 7 rules of life.

After a few days, I was surfing my internet and searching for many keywords like; how to get rid of unnecessary thinking, how to get out of distraction, what is the purpose of life etc.

Suddenly i found the 7 rules of life which is also called the seven cardinal rules of life. which my friend already described me before.

After that day i challenge myself that i will implement these seven rules of life

in the first week i dint see any change but after 3 weeks i found myself stress free and i was doing good in my life.

I was changed as compared to before i implemented these cardinal rules of life.

so i want to help other peoples too who are worry about their future ,not feeling well mentally etc.

These rules must be known for all the peoples from children to oldies so that they can improve their quality of life.

These are the 7 rules of life that everyone should know.

1. Make Peace with Your Past

Do not regret thinking about your past. Think like you have done everything well in your past and make peace in present with your past.

make fresh yourself every day. we all know the past is unchangeable. Today’s work will be your tomorrow’s past so always do good work so you can make peace in the future.

2. Time heals everything, so give it time.

As rule number says do not regret thinking about your past .so give time to the work until you think it is being well.

Give the maximum time to it, but don’t make any mistake in your present, which will make you feel low in the future.

When you don’t know what do do, what is right, and what is wrong .Go and ask with the experts to take feedback from your friends.

3. What others think of you is none of your business.

Sometimes words hurt more than the war weapon. If you heard the words pointing you wrongly, you might get hurt. Not only you, all the people feel hurt when they find other people think bad things about them.

It’s not your work or business to think that what others are thinking about you. Just do your job correctly if you are doing excellent work.

I know sometimes we have to listen to other peoples also, but I highly recommend you listen to only those people who give you an excellent suggestion and Who takes care of you.

I know you must have a question like how to know am I doing good work or not.

it’s just simply just ask your parents and your good friends is it good or not they will surely help you to find are you doing a good thing or not.

Do not throw bad words to people who talk bad things about you just through your excellent work to them. It will automatically stop them from talking about bad things about you.

4. Don’t compare your life to others, and don’t judge them.

Many peoples compare their life to other people, which is the worst thing that they are doing right now. Comparing yourself with others is the most stupid thing.

Why compare your life with others try to be yourself.you have to be yourself.

You have to work yourself to become yourself .other people don’t help you to become successful, or yourself.so do not compare with other people always focus on your goal.

You can take the lessons from the other, but don’t compare yourself.

This rule also says that don’t judge other people too.judging other-people never helps in your life to do something.

5. Stop thinking so much, it’s alright not to know the answers.

We are human beings. Being a human its a common thing, not knowing the answer. No one is perfect in all the fields.

Everyone has a specific weakness and strength in their life.

So stop thinking so much it’s alright not knowing the answer to something.

6. No one is in charge of your happiness, except you.

In rule no four, it is already said that you have to be yourself.No one can give you that amount of happiness that you get from yourself.so number four rules try to make you.

If you be yourself, then you will have that amount of happiness that no one can explain to you.

You don’t have to force yourself to be happy. A good vibe comes automatically with a beautiful smile.

7. Smile, for you, don’t own all the problems in the world.

A simple smile does not own all the problems in the world.there are certain things that are in your control, and certain items are not in our control.

There are individual challenges and problems in our daily life. Never let them go quickly, try to solve them with a beautiful smile, which makes them weaker in their field so that there will be more probability of winning with the help of your smile.

These are the 7 rules of life. If you follow them correctly, you will never regret in your upcoming days.

I already said my real story, so do not ignore these seven rules of life. These are helpful.

If you need any help regarding personal development I am always with you .you can simply contact me by going to the contact page.

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